NAPS has been a trustworthy merchant processor for my small business since I became a customer in 2007.  Their excellent customer service gives me the support I need at any moment.  Because of the consistent, quality service I have peace of mind using North American Payment Solutions for my business transactions.   
Amy Fetterhoff, Pioneer Inn
After 18 months of working with 3 different credit card processors and Net-suite, Navigant, and Cyber-source, we finally had our first Level 3 P-Card transaction process at the fully discounted rate! This saves us currently a couple thousand dollars per month in credit card processing fees. Thank you Jamie for referring the credit card processor, North American Payment Solutions, who was able to get us the solution we needed!   Finally we have a credit card processor who not only knows their business, but has great customer service from the very beginning!
Jennifer Bernitt, LandCorp

We partnered with North American Payment Solutions as an alternative credit card processing solution within the ERP Software we were implementing for our clients. NAPS worked with us hand-in-hand on each client, providing solutions that were very easy to install. We made the decision to move the rest of our clients to NAPS after having several successful installs. Partnering with NAPS was one of the best business decisions we’ve made.
James Buchanan, The Alexandrian Group
I have been a difficult customer because of my over-night changes and troubled properties; however, NAPS has always gotten it done. I would highly recommend them, and yes, they have great pricing and will save you money.
Steven Carr, Packard Hospitality Group
We are very happy with NAPS. We signed up with NAPS and are very happy with their services. Changing over from our previous merchant services was easy with their expert help! We will continue with NAPS for our merchant credit card services!
Julie Hurst, Great Highway Inn
I was in process of changing credit card processing provider. I found that North American Payment Solutions not only gave me excellent pricing, but they went extra mile to expedite the process. I am very happy with their service. I would recommend NAPS to all CLIA / ILIA members. Please give them an opportunity to review, as they will keep their promise with great customer service. If you need quick service, they will take care of you.
R. Mistry, Holiday Inn Express Oakdale

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